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We can post your vehicle  on our website and social media so you can reach more potential buyers.


Why sell overseas?
Majority of the vehicles we help with is going overseas, this is because everyone in Europe and many other continents LOVE American cars. They are hard to find over there and the prices 
are often higher.

Different country's like different types of cars and there is a buyer for most of them.

By letting us upload your vehicle to our website increases your chance of selling it. 

We only charge you $4.99usd per add and that's it. If we find a buyer they are the ones who is paying the extra costs and you will get the amount you was asking for.

No seller premium at all. 



How does it work?
First we will need an email from you
To :
With as many pictures and information as possible
( see list in other column

If we get a client that is interested in your vehicle we will contact you and schedule an appointment to come and do a inspection on your vehicle ( Here we take a lot of pictures and video for our client to make sure he will be satisficed with the purchase.

When the buyer gives us a go WE pay you after agreement and
you don't have to pay any seller premium at all!

If you asking $10,000 that's what we will give you.

we can also come out and take photos and information about your vehicle 
Please contact us for more info.



What we need from you
For absolutely best results we need as much and specific information as possible, for example:

Year, Make, Model
Engine and Transmission
Issues and damage
Clean title or registration is req.
As many pictures as possible.
Price and location.
Rust and bondo info.

The more information you send us the easier it will be to help you sell it.

After receiving your email we make sure we got enough information and then we send you payment information. 

We use paypal or cashapp, to get paid for posting your car
( $4,99usd limited time ) 


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