From junk to Frankenmerc Da Dually.

ary Berkhof, has been a car nut, gearhead for the last 55 years, his biggest interest is Driving, building and cleaning cars and trucks. He have had multiply vehicles over the years and currently he sits on a 2004 corvette, a 1947 mercury custom hot rod "Frankenmerc" but for the story today we present the most bad ass dually truck we ever seen. Here is Gary Berkhof from Oshawa, Ontario story.

-We built the 47 Hot Rod and finished it in 2015. I always wanted a custom old truck and I had an old company dump truck I knew it would make a good starting point for the project. A friend of a friend said he had an almost perfect cab 90% original paint still on it and no rust. I bought the cab over the phone site unseen and took the sellers word for its condition, it only had 10% of the paint left and it was full of rust and holes and everything else. My hot rod had 95% of the original paint still on it and no rust so I thought it would be like that, Learned a lesson there lol. Myself and my son-in-law Josh Melynchuk and Gary “Chief” Kalynko started the build in January 2016 and finished it that June we did all the fabricating, mechanical, bodywork/fabricate and the paint job. We did the build on it budget of $20,000 which we hit. I intended it to be a daily driver and use it for work. We started out with my 92 GMC 1 ton Cab and chassis 6.2 diesel, shorten the frame by 18 inches. The cab is a 51 mercury M6 Ford hood and front fenders. The headlights are from a new Dodge Challenger as the fuel filler door. The front bumper is from my Chev Kodiak 4500 truck and we shorten that by 10 inches, fabricated the 9 foot box the runningboards and the exhaust stack pipes and every body panel has been modified. For the paint job we used 250 grams of jumbo metal flake silver and clear glass mix in the paint job. 20 inch Fuel mMaverick rims and Toyo tires. For the Hood lift system we used linear electric actuators the same as we did on our 47 hot rod didn’t have any hinges latches or the catch for the hood so this was the easier way of doing it plus it look cooler. On the interior we use the existing instrument panel from the 92 GMC and fabricated the housing around the dash and and incorporated a Microsoft Surface Computer in the dash for doing estimates. And cheap racing seats off of eBay along with the centre consul. The mirrors are from a 2010 Chevy, towing package mirrors. The Frankenmerc on the back and on the stacks and etc. was water jetted and all by a friend of mine and Malcolm Slater who does that work. The cooler in the back it is a functioning cooler insulated and with a drain hole for Tailgating at the races. The beer display has plastic ice cubes. For the laugh factor.