1991 s10 street truck

Totalt till Gbg med frakt: 85.000kr innan prutning. + Svenska terminalavgifter ca 5000kr + tull/moms beroende på intagen som "bil 35%" Eller "samlarfordon 12% ". Vi prutar alltid åt dig som kund, kostnadsfritt. Ring för snabbast svar. +1 772 214 41 77 Inte vad du söker? Skicka in en ansökan idag under fliken Swedish: SELLERS INFO: 1991 s10 street truck ... marine 355 roller motor,zz4 cam,1.6 GM performance full roller rockers,patriot 64cc heads with 200cc runners and 2.02 valves.mid mount pulley setup, headman headers,2.5 inch exhaust to 3” race bullets and 3” dumps,350th trans, quick silver shifter and a 3.73 rear end ... 3core aluminum radiator,16” fan on a temp switch, runs 170-180. 10”trans fan and 11” trans cooler temp control at 160,..4-5 drop kit ,stock 20gal fuel tank with electric in tank pump..carpeted bed with hard check mate topper. Battery relocated to bed... comes with ( a spare 350 th trans and a full tci rebuild kit with a 2400 stall converter/a line locker set up that was in it/and a mini spool that was it it also.. Telefon : +1 772 214 41 77 Email : Följ oss även på:

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