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1967 ford mustang v8

Totalt till Gbg med frakt: 68.000kr innan prutning. + Svenska terminalavgifter ca 5000kr + tull/moms beroende på intagen som "bil 35%" Eller "samlarfordon 12% ". Vi prutar alltid åt dig som kund, kostnadsfritt. Ring för snabbast svar. +1 772 214 41 77 Inte vad du söker? Skicka in en ansökan idag under fliken Swedish: SELLERS INFO: 1967 mustang coupe. car has been sitting for 20 years i have the title clean and clear It's a complete car as it sits for the most part. Driver door needs to be replaced. Passenger door is good. I have the floor pans ready for it Needs new quarters The pillars and windshield rail seems to be great Needs the drip rail that go over passenger and driver window. Manual trans and 289 or might be a 302 You can get brand new fender and quarters for only 650 bucks on CJ pony it needs a driver side frame which is only like $35 on CJ pony Don't have the time this car deserves would like to see it on the road one day. Telefon : +1 772 214 41 77 Email : Följ oss även på:

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