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1963 Belair With Hydraulics

Totalt till Gbg med frakt: 120.000kr innan prutning. + Svenska terminalavgifter ca 5000kr + tull/moms beroende på intagen som "bil 35%" Eller "samlarfordon 12% ". Vi prutar alltid åt dig som kund, kostnadsfritt. Ring för snabbast svar. +1 772 214 41 77 Inte vad du söker? Skicka in en ansökan idag under fliken Swedish: SELLERS INFO: 1963 Belair 4 Door With Hydraulics. 35,715 Miles. The car runs. It was driving before. But now it will go into reverse but won’t drive forward. From what I know. It has no body work done to it. Original paint. It has a little surface rust but for its age, the body is in pretty good shape. It says around 35k miles and the person I got it from before says he believes they are original. Hydraulics work but I believe some batteries need to be replaced.. When all the batteries are good, it hops. Telefon : +1 772 214 41 77 Email : Följ oss även på:

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