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1957 Chevy Bel Air

Totalt till Gbg med frakt: 116.000kr innan prutning.

+ Svenska terminalavgifter ca 5000kr

+ tull/moms beroende på intagen som "bil 35%" Eller "samlarfordon 12% ".

Vi prutar alltid åt dig som kund, kostnadsfritt.

Ring för snabbast svar. +1 772 214 41 77

Inte vad du söker? Skicka in en ansökan idag under fliken Swedish:

SELLERS INFO: 1957 Chevy bel air project things I have done so far flush fuel line replaced gas tank and sending unit flushed break system replaced wheel cylinders new fuel pump new oil pump honed cylinders in stalled new molly rings polished crank new cam and lifers new bearings new rod bolts new timing chain and gears new water pump heads rebuilt had carb rebuilt installed spin on filter adapter replaced tires replaced some vacuum lines replaced belt new Crome pullies it still needs antifreeze gas timing set and lifters ajusted If not sold by 10/10/2021 I will keep it. Telefon : +1 772 214 41 77 Email :

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