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1957 Buick Special

Totalt till Gbg med frakt: 125.000kr innan prutning.

+ Svenska terminalavgifter ca 5000kr

+ tull/moms beroende på intagen som "bil 35%" Eller "samlarfordon 12% ".

Vi prutar alltid åt dig som kund, kostnadsfritt.

Ring för snabbast svar. +1 772 214 41 77

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Great car, everything original except transmission. IT ONLY NEEDS A WORKING CARBURATOR TO RUN AS A DAILY With a new tuned carb it's a daily driver. It starts right up with gas poured in carb. I have a video of that. And a walk around video. Before current carb went out out was a daily. No major rust anywhere. Some surface rust on exhaust pipe and a few bubbles here and there. Carb and Cosmetics will get you a gorgeous daily driver classic.

Telefon : +1 772 214 41 77

Email :

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